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IvaliceCraft - PvP - Jobs - McMMO - Market - Bank - Towny


IvaliceCraft - PvP - Jobs - McMMO - Market - Bank - Towny
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This is IvaliceCraft. A server focused on community principles. Highly realistic dynamic plugins and little to complain about. As you enter the server, you find yourself in an underground room. Past a small bridge, you're face to face with a flight of stairs. You'll notice that the only way to enter the outside is to follow our path and read the signs, instructing you our rules, plugins, wonders and commands. Once you're outside, you'll be face to face with two statues of Steve, a minecraft iconic symbol which has always been key in Ivalician mythology. If you've never heard of Ivalice, it's the place where a large series of Final Fantasy games have taken place. It's highly accurately depicted, at least ideologically, seeings as final fantasy would correctly signify and rationalize the variety of our buildings and fantastical creations. At first, the spawning area might seem somewhat straight forward, but you'll soon realise there's a hidden room or a hidden feature behind every corner. It's highly recommended that you explore the small town before going further. Once you're out and left the secure premises, you're free to do whatever you want. Explore, take a job, level up. Build, collect. Anything is possible. We've currently got a bank where you can safely store your items in case of theft. Everything else is dictated by the user-generated economy, and money that you'll earn automatically from doing anything from mining to cutting wood depending on what job you've taken.

Towns and Nations?

If you're new to towns and nations, this might seem highly confusing. Making little sense unless explained to you with caution and care. If you're already familiar with towny and towns. Skip this paragraph. In Ivalice, any player can create a town, or secure area if you will. To create one, you'll need $20,000gil and a recommended party of at least 3 people. You can create one simply by typing /town new yourtownname here and claim additional plots or areas around your town by typing /town claim right ouside your town borders. You can currently claim 8 plots per town resident. One plot is a 16x16 grid of blocks going from bedrock to the top skylimit. Inside this area, only you and your towns residents can build. You can customize your own rules for your town, such as pvp, building restrictions, etcetera. Go here for more information on towns, but it's really simpler than you think. CLICK FOR HELP

Money? I'm Confused!

Our economy is based on realistic principles. You get a job, you do your job, you'll make money. It's that simple. In minecraft, a job could be for example a miner. Miners automatically earn a lot of money by mining for example coal, iron, diamond and other minerals. While woodcutters earn money by cutting trees and logs. This system is extremely simple and easy to do. All you do is either type /jobs browse to browse whatever jobs are currently available, then /jobs join JOBNAME to join that specific job. It's that simple. Money earned through your job can be used to either start a town, start your own market or use our admin-created marketplace found by spawn. You can also used this marketplace to earn money through selling your stuff to admins, but your job will inevitably the most efficient way to earn money. Note that you can leave your job at any time and join another one if you get tired of it.

List of jobs:


Earn money from mining ores and minerals. Type /jobs join Miner to join this job.


Earn money from killing mobs and humans. Type /jobs join Hunter to join this job.

Earn money from cutting wood and trees. Type /jobs join Woodcutter to join this job.

Earn money from fishing.. simply fishing. Type /jobs join Fisherman to join this job.

What's McMMO?

It's a realistic skill-enhancement plugin. In other words, you get better at something simply by doing them. No knowledge or commands are required by the player to operate this. All you have to do is for example mine, fall, kill, farm amongst other things in order to increase your skill level in that particular area. By mining for example diamond, you're likely to increase a level in mining. By digging dirt you're likely to increase a level in excavating. It really just enhances gameplay and makes the entire thing more dynamic and interesting.

But I love Vanilla...

That's entirely up to you. If you want to play vanilla, go ahead. Just leave spawn and never come back. You can choose not to use any of our plugins simply by not using any commands or any of our features. It's really a win/win situation.


We're running on a private, secure and high quality network. Expect no lag, and if there are any at all, it's not because of the server, but likely a bugged plugin. Either way, it's fixable, so you as a player have nothing to worry about.

Slots: 100




No hacking.
No insulting or otherwise disrespecting other players and admins. Learn constructive criticism.
No griefing towns.
No cheating or exploiting a plugin in some way. You /will/ be caught, so it'll eventually just be wasted efforts and time.