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MCHG - The Hunger Games Experience

Welcome to MCHG, a unique hunger games server that covers not only the novels themselves but events that happened before and after the trilogy. Players start in a world approximately five thousand years before the hunger games book themselves and will work their way up. The server is designed this way to exemplify the fact that player made decisions will affect the later plot line.

MCHG - The Storyline

The Year is 2012. Five thousand years before the events of the first Hunger Games novel. A massive flood has just wiped out three quarters of the world. North America is the only continent left habitable. Out of the ashes of the nations that once ruled North America have risen thirteen new nations that call themselves "Districts." Each of these "districts" has its own unique specialty. There is no central government, the districts rule themselves. Tensions are growing as the world now named "Panem" rapidly escalates towards a massive global war.

This is an Intense rp/pvp server that encourages players to work together as districts. This server does use "factions", there are 13, one for each district. Some of our mods include planes, shotguns, grenades and more. Join Today for the ultimate pvp experience.

FYI~ The Game is in 1.1 Please use the appropriate .jar