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Welcome, FusionRush is an amazing minecraft server with many plugins, players and buildings.
☭v1.2.5 ☭ 50 Towns ☭ 3 Worlds ☭◄░▒▐▐▒░►


*************** ☯You can Vote here every day for in-game diamonds☯ ***************


✔ [More, Than 60 Towns]
✔ [Guests Can Build]
✔ [Clean chat without spam, swearing & caps lock. Feel the difference]
✔ [Create Your Own Town]
✔ [Manage Your House Protection Without Admins]
✔ [Protected Chests And Doors]
✔ [Adult And Friendly Admins]
✔ [Become A Member For FREE]
✔ [PvP onoff]
✔ [Nether Worlds]
✔ [No Whitelist]
✔ [Jails.]
✔ [24/7 Powerful Server]
✔ [Great Economy System]

✌CLANS - Join a clan or start your own to take part in the ongoing clan warfare of our server or just build a base and go complete dungeons together!

✌LAG FREE - Proud to say we our without a doubt one of the lowest lag servers out there! Just ask our members. Everybody who joins is astonished at how our server runs nearly like single player compared to the lagfest which most other servers are.

✌ANTI CHEAT - We have one of the best anti cheat systems in place. We have applied tricks to fight hackers on our server not seen elsewhere. Also, with our professional admins if anybody does manage to hack, they are quickly caught and banned. Once again, ask our members.

웃 Were a survival bukkit 1.2.5 server holding a massive 150 players online. We have no whitelist because griefing is currently allowed. We have a massive unlimited world for our players to roam around and enjoy freely.
We dont only have great staff and players!, we use all the latest plugins and were running top tier server equipment so our players get no lag at all!
We have an advanced voting system and a new automatic Donation system just added, to totaly removed waiting time on our donations and votes!
Our Groups are Survivor, Fighter, VIP, Elite, Elder, Legend, Staff, HeadStaff and Owner.
All groups have there own perks and commands.
We use Factions to prevent griefing in your own towns/citys...

Its best to join and have a look around, theres to much to explain via text!