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02/27/2015 09:55:01 PM PST
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TinyMine is a server that runs 24/7 to provide non-stop entertainment for the user (you!). We have very minimal to no-lag, so you can be sure that you will never get interrupted in the gameplay again! In addition to our survival world, we have 75 x 75 plots that you can build on — with creative! And there’s our member exclusive world, freshly generated for 1.3, so you can explore the wonders of the latest Minecraft update right on our server. There are also plenty of minigames such as Survival Games, paintball, spleef, CTF, and more. See you there!

• Compatible with 1.4
• 24/7
• No lag
• Running Bukkit
• Survival and creative
• CTF/SurvivalGames/Spleef/Paintball and many other minigames regularly hosted (and always available!)
• Helpful staff
• Factions
• 70 slots