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Avatar Justinwiz
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02/27/2015 09:55:00 PM PST

Survive, mine, chop wood, defeat creepers, start a town, build and destroy...
Advanced ranks system and close website integration is only 1 part of what CryptCraft is...

Hello fellow Minecraft player,

CryptCraft is a high-capacity survival server based around towns, you are free to create a new town!

We have a very well thought out economy system (iConomy) taking item worth into account.
Our staff team is composed out of several dedicated individuals, who have spent a lot of time making this server one of the best for it's players.
Why not be a miner? And earn a lot of money to build that piston contraption?
It's all possible in CryptCraft...

Need a building protected? Just ask an admin to explain, we are here to help!

You are always welcome to view our plugins list!

Will see you in-game!
-Justinwiz - Head Admin

-- Hosted on the lightning fast servers of DemonVPS --
(Contact Justinwiz for more details!)