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|sEx| Sexiegaming's Minecraft server of D()()M |PVP|DEDICATED|No Whitelist


|sEx| Sexiegaming's Minecraft server of D()()M |PVP|DEDICATED|No Whitelist
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07/06/2015 06:13:03 AM PDT

|sEx| Sexiegaming's Minecraft server of D()()M!


We believe that Minecraft shouldn't be about people crying and complaining about someone grieving their home. Here at Sexigaming, we don't restrict your ability to be an ass or your creativity! Our admins are no B.S./ No holds bar people, with many hours logged on Minecraft and an extensive knowledge on the game since alpha! Feel free to enjoy the game with the lurking fear that if your structure is a shoddy shack or a little hole in the side of a mountain, then there's a chance you could be robbed, beaten, and dragged into a lake! In layman's terms: Hardcore SMP.

  • Play on an almost virgin map, show us your creativity, and get instant access to more and more commands!

  • We have many plugins, and with just starting out, YOU CAN SUGGEST! Want to know what we have currently? log on and type: /plugins

  • Our 30 person server can be up'd to 40-50-whatever if the need arises, money is no issue!

  • We dont beg for donations, just come play with no expectation of giving us your money.

  • Three maps so far offer one world as a survival, a build map, and a Hardcore map without all the extra plugins to keep you alive! Completely seperate inventorys.




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