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What is Minecracked?
Minecracked is a cracked 24/7 minecraft server, that runs in 100% survival mode! From a wide variety of activities or a place to just hang out, Minecracked has it all. Doesn't matter what kind of player you are: a PvPer, a Builder, or even a Miner, Minecracked has it's arms open to all! With friendly staff and lots of dedicated players to help along the way, you won't have any trouble getting into the game! We have very simple and understandable rules, a simple system of how everything functions, and flat out FUN gameplay! You can VOTE for in game money to get yourself started. We use 50+ bukkit plugins to try and bring you the most enjoyable minecraft multiplayer experience. Join the fun now! Head over to www.minecracked.net to get started!

  • Dedicated server
  • Intel Xeon Quad Core E3-1230 3.2GHZ
  • 500gb HDD
  • 1gb Uplink
  • 16gb RAM

This hardware means we can have 200 people on at once, as well as over 50 bukkit plugins, lag free! - Holds Up to 200 players at once!
- 24/7 lag free server and website!
- 100% survival with PvP enabled
- Events such as PvP and PvE tournaments frequently hosted
- Open to everyone, cracked clients can join!
- No Whitelist, no need to apply to join, just connect instantly!
- Dedicated server
- Mature and helpful staff
- Anti cheating/hacking plugins
- Chests shops + Iconomy
- Clean in game chat using herochat, with pvp, trade and other channels
- Earn money using Jobs
- Lock your chests and doors with LWC
- Over a year of minecraft server hosting experience
A few of the many plugins we use are MCJobs, Iconomy, Worldgaurd, Herochat and LWC. 1. No advertising of any sort and NO use of MODS or HACKS is allowed!
2. No whining, spamming, or any chat box clutter!
3. No abusing bugs, glitches, imbalances, and ect.
4. Please respect the staff and donators.
5. No chest protected homes!.
6. Griefing is ALLOWED outside of city walls (no griefing in regions!)
Visit www.minecracked.net for the FULL explanation and info about the rules! Server IP address: mc.minecracked.net
Server website: www.minecracked.net