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Hey! You just found out about IceCraft, one of the most lively servers for MineCraft, allowing both premium and non-premium players - 100 slots, regularly full!
Feel free to log in, no whitelists or build approval, just log in and have fun! :)
Using tons of carefully picked plugins, along with ones, specially developed for IceCraft! We have many custom bukkit plugins, some of them released to the community. IceCraft is a truly unique experience. Every grief, every x-ray usage is logged and taken care of. Absolutely no griefs survive more than 2 hours and no griefers are left unbanned. If you have any questions/issues, post at our official forums here The basic rules you would need to follow are:
1. No griefing, you will get permanently banned for that.
2. No flying/x-ray/lightmod/transparent texture packs - everything that gives you an unfair advantage over others - you will get permanently banned too.
3. Use common sense - you should know what that means.
4. Have fun! :) Vote, comment and share! Have a nice stay at IceCraft!
The best place for a vanilla-like Minecraft experience - the way it was meant to be played!