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MacGyverLand SMP Minecraft Server

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Forums: Come join the MacGyverLand SMP server Today! Battle Monsters or other Players, Build a small cabin or a sprawling city, Form a clan with your friends and wage war against others, the world awaits! Economy - MacGyverLand uses a credit based economy system allowing players to buy and sell items for in game credits. Your bank account remains with you even if you die. Credits can be earned with Jobs, through the Lottery, or in the Casino. Jobs - With various jobs players can earn additional credits. Different professions are available depending on your tastes. Miners earn money for breaking blocks, Builders earn money for building and more. Clans - Form temporary or permenant clans to band together and fight monsters or other players. Verified clans can form alliances and rivalries against other clans. Rail System - All areas in MacGyverLand are connected with a railroad. Use minecarts to quickly and easily travel from town to town or view the entire server. LWC - Chest protection is available to all. Lock those chests to keep your items safe. Residence - Residence zoning protection is available to keep your creations safe from griefers. Purchase a town plot or create your own in the wilderness. BuyCraft - Our server uses a BuyCraft store allowing users to receive perks with their donations. Server Rules
- Use common sense
- Be Respectful
- No Griefing Others Homes
- No Chat Spamming/Shouting in all CAPS
- No Advertising
- No PVP Abuse/Repeated Killing
- No Racism/Swearing
- No Asking for Free Items/Ranks
- No Flying / Glitching