KKMC [HardCore][SMP][Factions] Minecraft Server

KKMC [HardCore][SMP][Factions] Minecraft Server

KKMC [HardCore][SMP][Factions]

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Welcome to KKMC! We're an experienced (2 years old!) hardcore server with an interactive and friendly staff. We have a player cap of 88, and we're going to be expanding! We're looking for decent players to join our community. Features: 1 LIFE ONLY - You die, you don't come back for 5 days! HardCore Environment! -- Set to the hardest settings, with pvp, griefing, and stealing allowed? Let's just say 70% of our players don't make it past the first day. But hey. You're special. Lol. Events! -- We have automated and special events! We use the pvparena plugin, which means you can fight any person or group of people in head-to-head battle. There are several different pvp gametypes, ranging from Free-For-All to 4 Team Battles! Our special events are hosted by our admins, and often come with great prizes (such as enchanted weapons, or special perks). A short list of our events:
-PvP Competitions
-Faction Competitions
-Capture the Flag
-Siege (A custom gametype created by us!)
-Hunger Games! Factions/Economy! -- Don't like playing alone? Perfect! Our server has factions and economy enabled. Meaning you can protect your land (at the risk of being found on the Dynamic Map), and you can go out to raid other factions. This is hardcore factions, so none of that peaceful garbage. You play strong or you find another server. Cheat Protection! -- Our staff is friendly and fair. We actively look for cheaters and ban them. Anyone killed by cheaters is revived as long as they fill out a ban appeal so we know what happened. As I said, we're a very friendly and interactive staff, we do a lot for our players! We're a very fair server and we don't play lightly, so it's recommended that you are decent survival player if you wish to join our community. But we're always very welcome to new players, and we'll help them in any way that's fair. We challenge you to prove your abilities.