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Website: Hollowed.org

I'm looking for some really cool new people to be part of my awesome server. Hope to see you online. But, before you go, please read the rules or do /rules when you join. If you don't, you will still be held accountable for your actions. Rules Below.

- Server Rules -
1. No Griefing!
2. No PvP unless both people want to PvP.
3. No mods whatsoever.
4. No swearing unless it is appropriate. =P
5. Don't ask for promotions.
6. Don't ask for free items.
7. Treat Staff with respect.
8. Don't build random towers into the sky. They look bad.
9. Don't be a douchebag!

- Server Updates -
If anything happens to the server it will be posted here as soon as possible.
- Server Rankings -
Random - Default Group
Member - Awarded for registering on our forum.
Regular - Awarded after playing 7-14 days on the server and the forum.
Builder - You get this rank for building really awesome things.
Builder+ - Awarded for donating $5 to the server!
VIP - Awarded for donating $10 to the server!
VIP+ - Awarded for donating $15 to the server!
Moderator - You get this rank for being awesome.
Admin - You get this rank once I can trust you.
Dev - Awarded for being one of the top Builders on the server!
GM - Gets *. Only given to people I can fully trust.
Owner - That's me! =P

- Server Specs -
- 4 Gigs of RAM
- 100mbps Download
- 100mbps Upload
- Server Downtime Hours -
We currently have no planned downtime.

- Server Plugins -
I won't list all my plugins for security reasons, here are some of them.
- HawkEye
- Essentials
- PermissionsEx
- HeroChat
- Anti-Mod Hack Plugins
- Anti-Griefing Plugins