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WEBSITE: ImmersionPVP 1.5 > ImmersionPvP: Factions, mcMMO, Shops, Griefing, Raiding 24/7 PVP Factions server with advanced pvp plugins that are written by us! ImmersionPvP is a community which thrives from the hardcore factions we have here. ImmersionPvP is a server with many fun features for everybody. We will not only listen to the players feedback ideas or other things. But we also highly consider them, (Depending on the idea) Created by Boggl3 If you need help ingame, please type /modreq and your message to request assistance from a staff member. No hacks of any sort. We have two exceptions though; Mini-Map mod and Optifine.
No spamming or advertising.
Use Common Sense: This rule has a lot of 'Sub-Rules' and they will be listed here. We're not stupid. We know you are not in Creative or from Planet Minecraft to review the server. We don't give any free items out or provide any players with an unfair advantage. No, You can not have any free ranks or be OP. Also you can't be staff unless you've been a dedicated player and has applied. Also don't fake a donation.
Respect Others. Treat others how you would like to be treated; Nobody wants to be treated poorly here.