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This server is run off a high power dedicated server with custom plugins and scripts. You can access it through the domain

What is Skyblock Survival?
Skyblock Survival is a game mode where every player starts out on their very own island. You start with one tree and a chest full of items. Where do you start? Chop down your tree and get materials. You can then make a Cobblestone generator using lava and ice provided. If you need help there are examples in the tutorial section (/w tutorial).

How does it work?
Every player can generate their own island by typing the /new command. Islands are protected with WorldGuard so no malicious users can grief your creations. Returning back to your island is easy, just use the /h command. If you want to teleport back to the spawn, simply type /sp.

Can I play with a friend?
Of course! We use our own custom plugins with let players team up on islands. If you want to add someone you trust to your island, type /coop add player, and whenever your friend wants return to your island, they can teleport with /h player.

How do I make money?
We use an economy suite on the server so you aren't just limited to the items in your chest. Selling items is by far the easiest way to make money. There is a large server shop at the spawn (/w shop) and also a VIP market with player stalls (/w market) where you can sell the items that you grow, farm, collect, and discover.

What is a Guest?
The default group is set to Guest. These people can create/join islands, buy/sell items and use some of the commands available..

What is a Member?
Becoming a Member is completely free, and you get promoted after a certain period of play time or after you have completed a certain number of challenges (see /w challenge). You get an in-game cash bonus, access to special members areas, and a permanent residence on the server.

What is a VIP?
Donating users get special names in game, such as [Donator], [VIP] or [Premium]. Users with these tags get perks on the server like special commands, in-game currency, access to the VIP Area/Shop and much more. For more information on donating to support us, type /w donate in game or message a staff member.