Gahshunk [Anarchy PvP] [Factions] [McMMO] [Runecraft] [Dynmap] Minecraft Server


Gahshunk [Anarchy PvP] [Factions] [McMMO] [Runecraft] [Dynmap]
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Server IP: Website: Dynmap: Gahshunk is an Anarchy PVP server. For those familiar with, this server is designed to be Hardcore PVP with no admin interference. Be careful of where you build and who you decide to ally with as raiding and betrayal are encouraged in the desolate landscape. The responsibility falls upon you if you are raided as you did not plan out how someone broke past your defenses. However, unlike, this server is up to date with 1.2.3, actively maintained, and supported with bukkit plugins: Factions, MCMMO, and Runecraft, and Dynmap. The admins do play on the server, but only enable their admin privileges for maintenance or bug fixing. There is also an economy system in place with EssentialsEco to purchase items that are hard or impossible to obtain through normal means. Factions: Factions is a plugin that allows players to join forces and work together as a team to claim land, build bases, or attack and claim other lands belonging to other factions. Factions has been set up in a way to encourage players to group together and build bases. If done right the bases can be nearly impenetrable, but not entirely.
Through clever use of game mechanics, a better understanding of the plugin configurations, social engineering, or outright killing players of said factions,
it can be possible to raid any faction in the game. Nobody is safe. Trust no one. MCMMO: McMMO is a RPG like skill system that rewards players for doing specific tasks by gaining experience that can lead to bonuses such as double drops, rare drops, or ability enhancements. All McMMO stats have been enabled for this server, 400 max for all combat stats and 750 for all non combat stats Runecraft:  Runecraft is plugin that adds magic to the game in the form of "runes" that can be constructed in the actual game world. The only two runes that has been disabled are the recall rune, to prevent players from fleeing combat immediately, and the ovicaptor rune as spawn eggs are available through our Essentials Eco system. Dynmap: A Google Maps-like map for your Minecraft server that can be viewed in a browser. Dynmap has been installed to give player more ways to find other players and factions for pvp. Players should be cautious about how they get to the location they want to build a base as heading into new territory that hasn't been mapped will leave a trail of generated land behind you. You can view the map by going to the Dynmap link above or going to the website and clicking the link to it there. This server is not for everyone, but at least stop by and check it out. We have a forum that players can access from the site to discuss anything in relation to the server.