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Minevival has 2 servers managed using the same IP via a bungeecord service. We offer the most unique and amazing features, with a dedicated staff team and wonderful community. We have two survival based servers, one being factions for hardcore players who enjoy raiding others and the other, towny which is a non-griefing server where you build up a successful town and nation. You’ll easily be able to manoeuvre these servers with warps and other easy to use commands, added for your convenience. As an added benefit, our maps never reset. You’ll never have the disappointment of losing your progress and having to start over again. If minecraft is updated, we simply increase the map size to incorporate these new features into the world. So build assured that your hard work will never be in vain.  Servers we offer: Towny:
On our towny server, the objective is to build in a survival, grief-free scenario and make the most of your time by meeting new and exciting players. You can live in protected towns, or risk it in the wilderness. You can join other towns or nations and expand their horizons while still having the freedom to play however you wish. In addition to towny, this server also offer these plugins and custom features: McMMO, crates, chestshops, villagershops among many other things. Factions:
If destroying the hard work of others, looting their bases and blowing stuff up is more your style, then the factions server we offer will definitely appeal to you. It features the ability to band up with your trusted friends and allies to defeat enemy factions and raid their bases. Plugins such as factions, McMMO, mob tokens, villagershops and more are available to provide you with an enjoyable experience. We hope to see you online soon.