VKTekkit [Tekkit][PvP][Anarchy][ChunkOwn][Jobs][60 slots] Minecraft Server


VKTekkit [Tekkit][PvP][Anarchy][ChunkOwn][Jobs][60 slots]

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Vktekkit Current Staff: Owner:zDylann
Admin:Weewoo1337 IP: VKTekkit.zapto.org
IP: VKTekkit.zapto.org
IP: VKTekkit.zapto.org Are website is vktekkit.zapto.org Note: If you are having problems with the IP trying using the direct IP: Vote at Tiny.cc/vktekkit <- Vote for $100! ===Server Info===
Your basic Tekkit server with some additional plugins to make your in game experience better. You can get a job or vote to gain money. Money will allow you to protect your land using the plugin Factions. Use /f for a list of factions commands, create your very own faction and invite your friends, claim land, fight other factions, and more! . You can sell your own items in our spawn shop which has tons of shops. We are Anarchy server, griefing and stealing ARE allowed so trust NO one. I consider this server hardcore so it will be a challenge. Your chunk may or may not be safe, due to certain items that can 'explode' your region so be careful. EE is disabled Its way too OP and makes the game way to easy, hence the server being hardcore. If you see something I did or do that you don't like please feel free to let me know, just don't rage at me because you don't like something I do. I will keep this server/map up for a while so don't think this is a temp server. I hope you guys have fun and again if you have ANY problems let me know. Thanks -zDylann For those of you who have been banned here is a ban appeal template: IGN:
Banned For:
Time of Ban:
Reason You should be unbanned: ===Rues===
1. Any kind of mod that will give you a better advantage in game is ILLEGAL.
2. Any Xray mod or Xray texture pack is ILLEGAL.
3. Stealing and Griefing are allowed.
4. Any exploitation of Minecraft mechanics is ILLEGAL.
5. No CAPS or Racism in chat channels.
6. Please respect all staff members and other players.
7. Do NOT ask for item spawns or TP's to other players.
8. Any attempt to lag bomb the server is ILLEGAL and WILL result in a BAN.
9. If you have a question or problem ask a guide/mod or simply use /pe open.
10. No SPAMMING in main chat. ===Mods=== EE is now disabled. Its too OP and makes the game WAY to easy.
IC - Industrial Craft - Crafting of Nukes are disabled but you can buy them from Admins, but it will cost you. Cannons are Disabled due to the fact that they can be placed evreywhere.
Red Power - Nothing is disabled.
Buildcraft - Nothing is disabled.
ComputerCraft - Donor Only
WeaponsMod - Nothing is disabled.
AdvancedMachines - Nothing is disabled.
Forestry - Nothing is disabled. ===Plugins=== Factions - Create a faction and claim land to protect yourselves from enemy raiders. It costs $500 to create a faction. Use /f for all faction commands.
LWC - /lwc or /cprivate to lock a chest/door/trapdoor costing 200$
iConomy - Basic iConomy plugin.
Jobs - Need money? Get a job! Current jobs are Miner, Hunter, Fisherman, Woodcutter, Farmer, and WeaponSmith! Some jobs are still being Configured.
FalseBook - Will be a donor perk for gold tier donors.
Essentials - /spawn and /sethome are now available to all players..
ChestShop - Buy/Sell Items