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Lockout Prison Server

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Vote For us on planetminecraft or minestatus and get 1.5k in game
http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/stormcraft-anti-grief-hosted-247--survival-creative-prison/ Ranks FreshMeat
Starting rank comes with a mine with stone and coal Foxtrot
Second rank comes with a new mine with stone,coal,and iron and access to the cellblock and mobfarm Echo
Third rank comes with 2 new mines 1 has sandstone,lapis,gold,iron,and coal and the second one has stone,gold,iron, and coal Delta
Forth rank comes with 2 new mines 1 has stone,iron,gold,coal, and diamond 2nd one has soulsand,iron,gold,coal,diamond Alpha
Last rank before free 2 new mines that have brick,iron,gold,coal,diamonds, 2nd mine has pvp and has stonebrick,gold,lava,iron,coal,lots of diamonds Rules
No clients,hacking.cheating,glitching ,etc
Inmates must give illegal items to guards when asked or be jailed
Real Life Threats = ban
No griefing the prison
No insulting staff, each insult = 10 minutes in jail
No camping people
Report any bugs to admins
No begging for money,items or ranks
No advertising Feel free to ask any questions about the rules in game Guard Rules
1.Guards must take all illegal items
2.Guards can't start fights for any reason
3.Guards can't fight for fun
4.Guards must burn all items they get from inmates
5.If a guard sees inmates fighting they must kill all that are attacking and if they run they will be jailed
6.Guards can't ask players for money or items unless illegal
7.Guards can not insult any players ever.
8.Guards can't run from a fight
9.Guards can jail for hit and run
10.If a guard dies to an inmate they cant attack/jail/or whine about it To apply for guard goto lockoutprison.com