***SwiftCraft | Hardcore ,Pvp ,Faction Grefing, Mob Arena*** Minecraft Server


***SwiftCraft | Hardcore ,Pvp ,Faction Grefing, Mob Arena***

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Swiftcraft ip: mc.SwiftCraft.org SwiftCraft is a brand new ish PvP Factions server running 1.2! We are a brand new server just started this Friday and have already grown a fairly large community. People seem to like playing on our server. We are currently in the process of building our server to our needs. We are adding some economy plugins and plan to grow an interactive economy. We are looking for some dedicated players that will help the server feel more permanent. We are also making a website for server info, a forum, and a donate page. I have a lot of experience running a server and hope this server will grow more than I expect. Happy PvPing! When you join my server you will start with the starter kit. Rules:
1. No Xray
2. No Client
3. No Spaming
4. No Cheating
5. Respect Staff Give our server a Diamond. Vote at http://outlinecraft.org/vote For 2500 In Game Money New Plugins: