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Hack Slash Mine -- Vertigo Server!

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Derpy youtube introduction ::
http://youtu.be/GSY-LRZfpCc -Nearly 100% up-time
-100 player cap, plenty of room to invite your friends
-Dedicated administrators to monitor that all is well for many hours of the day.
-Fresh community, ever expanding
-Work is being done to add some custom features
-Active Live-stream
-A spawn that is not Swiss cheese
-A lot of happy players! ~General Rules~
*Note that these are not the full set of rules. We do not feel the need to mention every single little detail; please use good judgement and act responsibility.* 1. Don't be a jerk
The standard "don't harass any other players, advertise, etc;" also applies to us. We expect you to act mature, regardless of your age. Racism is not tolerable at any degree.
2. No spawn killing!
Unfortunately, with such an early version of Hack Slash Mine, there is no Bukkit! That means no spawn protection. We have staff monitor it 24/7 but cannot always stop your common fight. Please refrain from all combat in the "Obsidian Areas" (Becomes more clear in-game). Some important stuff to know;
- Do /kill to return to spawn.
- Admins can tp you to players if you ask nicely.
- Change your spell keybind to "c" and your crouch/sneak to "Lshift".
- There's tons of answers to your questions on the internet;
- More to come We hope that you choose our server for your hack slash mine experience. We are very open to suggestions and any feedback that you may inquire!
Server website; www.vertigoserver.com
Twitch Livestream; www.twitch.tv/vertigostream Staff Skypes; MickelMcMuffin