NeonShift hack slash mine server

NeonShift hack slash mine server

NeonShift hack slash mine server
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05/01/2016 10:46:11 PM PDT
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Please use the dev version when logging in via the Technic Launcher! The server is running the build.

No griefing or PvP/PvE in the spawn area.
PvP and PvE are all allowed outside of there.

No Plugins as I cannot add them to the HSM Mod

I really enjoy running my own server. There are a lot of regular Minecraft servers out there, but I don't see a lot of HSM which is why I built this.
The expected uptime of the server is 24/7. I'm able to remote into it from home and work. I look forward to new or experience HSM players here.
Feel free to make suggestions as to what I can do to make the server better. I did setup some forums to discuss anything related to the HSM server.

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