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CivCraft Minecraft Server

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A PVP experiment and challenge, Civraft Random spawn, players have the tools to build their own communities or to reign terror upon others, no rules other than those enforced by other players. Prison pearl allows you to imprison any player you kill, the player will be sent to the end and control over them will be captured by the pearl, throwing the pearl will set that prisoner free. This has been used to protect cities from being griefed and by others to imprison anyone that gets in their way. Some server history, Colombia is the largest city, with the largest prison population, so far their authority remains unchallenged, all who have attempted to kill and plunder on their soil have been imprisoned, they currently have the largest prison vault on the server, with over 50 prisoners.
X:-6392 Y:79 Z:3910 There is also citadel plugin, spend resources to reinforce blocks, they can still be broken given enough time, obsidian diamond protected blocks take the most time to break (over 3 hours per block). People store their wealth in vaults they build of protected blocks or hide it away. 100 slot server