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Minezone - Hub Minezone PVP is a unique server in the stand of modern minecraft servers as it offers more to the community.
Such as a world for Hunger Games, Faction, Spleef and a brand new idea for a world of Skyblock survival.
Skyblock survival allows our players to create their own unique islands to build with friends
by inviting them and even promoting them to allow them to make more on the island. On Minezone we take every request seriously and think about the 'Pros and Cons' of members' ideas
We try to include as MUCH as we can to make a fair environment for our players.
We don't take kindly to players who decide breaking the rules is a good idea
and will come down hard on them if they do. To sum up Minezone briefly, we are a caring community with active staff, any requests are dealt
with ASAP and replied instantly upon reading, PVP is fair staff do not abuse their powers
and players respect one another (unless total war between factions breaks out) Thanks for reading please go to our website for more info and forums