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SpoofCraft is a survival based economy/towny server! We run multiple, carefully selected plugins to ensure the best possible playing experience for our community. We feature towny, iconomy, mcmmo, and many more! We have no whitelist, so feel free to stop on by and see what we are about! The moment you log in you will have access to commands often left to only donators on other servers such as /tpahere /tpa, the ability to establish towns and chestshops, and much, much more! We have two mobarenas available with varying difficulty, as well as a spleef arena! There is a full server shop that you can use to buy and sell items, alongside the ability to create your own shops! Currently we offer 15 slots, but we will not hesitate to expand if it is needed. We have an extremely active and friendly staff, here to assist you with any questions you might need! We are planning on adding many more features such as a PVP arena, an even larger server shop, and adding more donator ranks to the rank shop :).