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Five Kingdoms Tekkit

Please Give us A Diamond To Support Our Server Website: Website
Server: Vote For Us To help keep our server running, Please give up 5 minutes of your time to vote for us. It helps us
out so much in getting our server recognized. Also if you have a Planet Minecraft account
please give us a diamond to the server. Whenever you vote for us (No matter what site it is on) You will receive in game money when you can use to buy items in game! Make sure you vote daily! Vote 1
Vote 2
Vote 3 Our server is a tekkit based game for minecraft. You can download the mod by going
here. Our server is hosted in the USA, and our player base is from all over the world.
We have a teamspeak 3 server for anyone to use and to get to know our staff team as well as our players We also have some rules, you need to follow **No Griefing Allowed!
**No Stealing from other players Allowed!
**No Begging for Admins for items!
**No Hacking of any kind Allowed!
**No using glitching Allowed!
**No PvP Allowed!
**X-Ray Hacking is NOT Allowed!
**Flying is NOT Allowed (An less you own a flying ring or jet pack) we take our rules very seriously. We will enforce any players who do not follow our rules
Our server is NOT whitelisted, Anyone is free to join us and enjoy the server we have made for you
We have some banned item. List can be found at our spawn area
We have Equivalent Exchange on our server. You can view our plugins by typing the following command