Custom PVP gamemode. Quest chains. Towns. The #1 Minecraft experience

Custom PVP gamemode. Quest chains. Towns. The #1 Minecraft experience

Custom PVP gamemode. Quest chains. Towns. The #1 Minecraft experience
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Website Lucky Kingdom MineCraft

It's too hard to explain the whole Lucky Kingdom world, you must experience it to get an understanding of why Lucky Kingdom citizens are just so great! See a video by one of our users here ->



Lucky Kingdom a professionally managed Minecraft server. In reality though we're much more than a shiny temperature controlled box. Lucky Kingdom is a community of happy, vibrant and diverse players of Minecraft who all enjoy a friendly environment in which to create and survive.

We actively find talented creators across our worlds to promote, be it in our sandbox building contests or simply visiting members socially Lucky Kingdom rewards these people with opportunities to showcase their best creations to the global Minecraft community. See our albums here ->

While we aim for a real SMP experience Lucky Kingdom boasts over 70 systems which extend the game in all directions. Things like Spleef, custom blocks, PVP tracking, NPCs and quests are only the beginning of what we have to offer.

A stable and balanced economy keeps players trading, saving and earning. We encourage interactions between players but we also offer Kingdom Markets in which you can buy items and blocks.

Quick rundown

MMORPG exp and abilities including quest storylines and high level skills
Buy and sell Minecraft land
Take part in weekly competitions, ranging from builds to screenshot contests
Multiple worlds with various biome and generation settings.
Customized mob spawn rates and aggression control
Three tiers of attractive VIP options including extra worlds, kits, godmode & access to teleport commands
Extremely powerful anti-grief tools and client-mod detection systems
Friendly, tight knit community
Custom mob loot and improved resource rates
No fall damage
Chat with people ingame from the web or IRC
Mumble server for voice communication