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Welcome To MC-UK
MC-UK is a server run by the community. We listen to the community. We ask what plugins we should get next. We also only accept moderators that are accepted into the server community through doing good things. Why do we run a community server. Well, we run a community server because we believe you should have a say. If you do or don't like something tell us on our forums with over 150 active members. Now to the stuff you can do the server.
Plugins We offer many things to do on our server. Creative, Peaceful, Factions and a shop. Jobs, Mobarena, Casino Slots and auctions. There is no such thing as boredom on MC-UK.
Staff We only have 3 Admins but there is never a time when an admin is not online. Also all Admins are op'd. This means no 'Sorry I can't do that' and 'Your going to have to ask the owner to do that' It means you get all the help straight away.
Rules Rules always take the fun away from a server. 'No TnT' 'No Griefing' for example. We however are here to change that. For example in the factions world you can grief, use tnt cannons, and raid peoples bases. We only have 5 rules.
1. No Hacking
2. No Spamming
3. No use of exploits
4. No advertising
5. No Griefing in the creative world
This server sounds awesome how can I join? Is there a whitelist? Do I have to apply for build rights?
The answer is you can join straight away just by typing our ip ( into your server ip address box. No, there is no whitelist and no need to apply unless you want to be a moderator. Thanks for reading this.
We look forward to seeing you on the server!