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~**~**~**Pwing **~**~**~ Your journey begins now , Hero. Explore Magus City to find Merlin and help him conquer Evil. Or join the dark forces of the Skeleton King armies and rise above all those who oppose you! You're destiny awaits! The Lore: Long ago , Merlin Fought in the wars of kingdoms which included that of Pendragon City. There was a noble family, a king, and a knight who betrayed him. Illidian, The knight of Pendragon , began to explore dark hidden magics.. Eventually, he decided that he wanted to rule Pendragon for himself.. Why would he serve a lowly unpowerful king? The kings daughter, Millie , was there to witness the uprising of Illidian and his dark armies that infested the lands, decided it was time to use magic for good. She explored the water and earth magics, and forged her brother Justicar's sword into a powerful tool of war. It is by this sword that Illidan fell in the battlefield. But that was only the beginning... Illidian became reborn through necrotic magic, and eventually became the Skeleton King. Horde of zombies, skeletons, creepers, and spiders followed his path and destroyed all those who opposed him. Millie became kidnapped and lost in all the madness, it is your task to retrieve her.
Or shall you , too , become one with the dark forces of Evil? The choice is yours, Hero ! - Hide n Seek
- Horse Races
- Custom mobs, items
- Towny!
- Mob Arena
- Spleef
- Battle Arena
- Towny
- Magic spells
- Dungeons
- Money for monster kills
- Epic Bosses
- Player shops
- Mazes
- Prizes
- Events **~**~** Come Join The Fun! **~**~** You can play in our pvp world for some town on town action!
Or Just chill out and build and survive in the Non-PvP World. Switching worlds is easy. Just enter a portal or /warp there =)
** We have friendly , mature staff.
** We have handbooks and guides at the spawn area so you can create your own town or learn of ways to make money!
** We also have a casino in our modern city, at lost city for all your gambling needs.
** We have a website, with forums If you need to contact us outside of game =) *~*~*~*~Come join the fun!~*~*~*~* Website :