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Chaotic Uniformity

.: Please click the WEBSITE link above in Minestatus to go to our forum post. You get graylisted there. :.
Read the rules CAREFULLY before applying!
Applications are usually added within a few minutes, but may take longer.
Please take the time to vote and visit our forums to register!

New IP below. Put this in the box to join the server:
New Teamspeak 3 server. Feel free to use it :)

Server has been updated to 1.3 and the most recent development build of Bukkit! Join up!

!!Warning!! Long load times, many screenshots.

Breaking any/all of these rules can result in a permanent ban without warning! No griefing (defined on our forums)
No spamming/caps
No combat logging while in PvP combat - you WILL be punished!
No excessive cursing (how much is excessive is at the mod's discretion)
Stealing is allowed (from chests ONLY!)
Do NOT complain about PvP! This is a Hardcore PvP server!
No hacking (Ex. No Xray, Speed hacking, Flying, etc)
No glitching/exploiting (anything that gives an unfair advantage)
No invisible texture packs.
Do not disrespect Admins / Techies / Mods.
Feigning ignorance is NOT an excuse if you get banned!!!!!!!!
For a complete list of all rules, visit our Wiki page here.

Custom server plugins are in RED.

SuperNatural Players - Custom server plugin with cool classes. See below for more. SPOUT support coming soon!
Spout - Special plugins that make the server much more interesting. See below!
iConomy - Buy / Sell items and property.
Towny - Create towns for you and your friends. (Baron rank and above only for creation)
ChUn Siege - Towns battle it out for control over castles! Daily events.
Residence - Buy / Sell property with iConomy coins.
CraftBook - Create working bridges, gates and elevators. Restricted by ranks
Jobs - Do jobs for iConomy coins. List of jobs below.
iConomyChestShop - Chests for buying and selling good for iConomy coins. (Player shops at Count rank)
LWC - Lock your chests (This is restricted by ranks, look below)
SimpleBounty - Set bounties on other players. Get payback! Also money for all player kills.
BigBrother - Catchin griefers 24/7!!!
DelayedLogout - Your character stays in the world for 10 secs after logging out! Down with combat logging!
WorldGuard - Just to help protect the spawn and certain areas.
HeroChat - Chat channels for organized PvP raids in secret!
HeroicDeath - Make a name for yourself with kill messages that are broadcast to the whole server!
Casino - Slot machines featuring colored wool.
NoCheat - Prevents flying/speed hacking/etc so please, don't even bother trying...
FoundDiamonds - Server wide messages when players find diamonds. X-ray users beware!
SignEdit - Edit signs after placing them and add colored text!
SpawnControl - /spawn and /home (Both have 90 min cooldowns and only high ranks can use /home)
Votifier - Allows us to award money for voting for the server. So go vote! :)
InvCheck - Allows Admins to administrate the contents of player inventory if needed.

SuperNatural Players is the heart and soul of the Chaotic Uniformity server. It is a plugin that was developed by the server staff specifically for our use.
Note: SPOUT support will be coming soon to SN, specific to Chaotic Uniformity ONLY!!
It's going to be epic :rolleyes:
It (currently) consists of 8 classes: Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls, Priests, Witch Hunters,Demons, Rogues and Ice Elementals!

Each class has specific passive and active abilites.
There is a TON of depth to this plugin and if you want to learn more, please read our Wiki page for it here.
Oh, and more classes are being developed even as I type this ;)

Note: To attain these ranks, please use /buyrank [rank] when you have the correct amount of coins.
Peasant - This is the starting rank. 0 Locked Chests
Squire - 2,500 Coins, 1 Locked Chest
Knight - 7,500 Coins, 1 Locked Chests
Count - 25,000 Coins, 2 Locked Chests + Stores
Baron - 75,000 Coins, 3 Locked Chests + Stores + /sethome & /home commands
Duke - 150,000 Coins, 3 Locked Chests + Stores + Ability to start a Town + /sethome & /home commands
We are working on adding more ranks and more perks!

Use /jobs ingame for info on how to use the Jobs plugin
Current list of Jobs:
Miner - Get paid for mining rare ores!
Hunter - Get paid for killing animals!
Gardener - Get paid for clipping leaves! Wait...wut?
Farmer - Get paid for harvesting wheat!
Guard - Get paid for killing monsters!

Spout is a special plugin that allows for other, very in depth and interesting plugins to be used on the server.
Currently we only use a Health Bar plugin that displays a health bar over players heads.
But, in the near future we will be adding special support for SuperNatural Players!
It' something you WON'T want to miss.
Visit our forums here for more information on how to use the Spout client and what it offers.


    Knight rank or above.
    Application on the Official Forums in the correct format.
    Minimum of 5 members ready to join your town.

Towns are protected from griefing but PvP is ALWAYS enabled within them (except with town members).
There is a 150 coin/day upkeep on towns .

.: All donations are done through PayPal :.
Please click here for more information on donating.
$10 - Stone
$20 - Iron
$30 - Gold
$50 - Diamond

Each level has various special perks including kits, bank space, portals and even NPCs!

The first time you log into the server you will be the rank of Guest.
Take the time to look around, talk to people, etc. But you won't be able to build and access most commands until you apply in this thread with the following information:
Quote:In-game name:
Real life age:
Did you read the rules? Do you agree to follow them?:
Where did you hear about us?:
Why do you want to join?:
Did you vote for Chaotic Uniformity? (If not, click here. It has rewards!):

Voting is a benefit to both the server and the players on it.
For everyday you vote, you will receive 100 points to use in our CUSTOM ChUn Rewards System!
But first you have to make a password in-game. You do NOT have to be accepted to make a password and vote for points!
Please visit our Wiki Rewards Page for info on how to get your rewards.

Respect and listen to all of the following individuals.
They all have at least Moderator status, so keep that in mind!



Techies are the coders of our custom server plugins ;)
Matterz167 - SuperNatural Players, SimpleBounty, InvCheck
phrstbrn - Jobs, DelayedLogout, Casino

Then we'd much appreciate it if you would post our banner in your signature.

Post the following code into your signature to have it displayed: