Aegis Gaming - Tekkit - PVP - PVE - Anarchy - Hack Slash Mine Minecraft Server

Aegis Gaming - Tekkit - PVP - PVE - Anarchy - Hack Slash Mine Minecraft Server

Aegis Gaming - Tekkit - PVP - PVE - Anarchy - Hack Slash Mine
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Aegis Gaming

Aegis Gaming Network Aegis is a supremely designed and uniquely developed server network whose main goal is to provide a single unified network of servers to provide the best possible experience for all Minecraft users. We are a 100% non-profit organization and all donations go directly and only to support and upgrade the servers. We feature many donation ranks for those loyal players who want to continue to see us thrive and we appreciate any and all support we get.
In our efforts to create the greatest experience for our users we have developed our very own launcher, The Aegis Launcher, to simplify the process of obtaining the necessary client to play on all our servers. We are constantly building on the mod-packs included in the launcher and work with many intelligent and able developers. We prefer the launcher to make the experience better for the player rather than an exclusive existence for select mod-packs.
We currently feature five different servers: Aegis PvP (formally Terra Novos) The ultimate Tekkit player-versus-player experience, Aegis PvP is here to deliver you Tekkit needs. Aegis PvP features a well-balanced system to ensure fair and rewarding play for all users, new and old. It also contains many donator and loyalty ranks to support those loyal players who appreciate our hard efforts. We strive to deliver the most diverse and supremely managed Tekkit server in the world. Our server is based on the basic Tekkit modpack and can be accessed from any client with Tekkit installed, including the brand-new custom made Aegis Launcher, developed by our very own corporation. Aegis AdventureTech (Aegis Launcher is required) Aegis AdventureTech is a cutting-edge mod pack based on Minecraft 1.4.5 that is focused on mining, exploration and diversity of plants, animals, sea creatures and monsters. More than 120 new trees, crops and plants inhabit the four dimensions of AdventureTech. Hundreds of special ores and materials that spawn in all dimensions allow you to craft unique looking structures and provide thousands of tools and weapon combinations. AdventureTech has dozens of animals and sea creatures, some of them hostile. Monsters inhabit all dimensions. The nether is particularly nasty, but rewarding to explore. Randomly spawning dungeons appear in the sky, underground, in the nether and the Twilight Forest. Adventure with a magical familiar at your side such as an ocelot to make you run faster. Bukkit-like protections and commands such as lockable chests, /spawn, /home, /warp, /tps (ticks per second) and /help make the multi-player experience more enjoyable and collaborative. User craftable locks and region protects allow players to further protect their gear and structures. Teleportation totems, linking stones and a portal gun add another level of player collaboration and as well as aid exploration. If you want automation and technology, AdventureTech has something for you too. There are solar collectors, customizable carts, chunk loaders, routers, barrels, grinders, shooting mechanisms and electrical current to experiment with. Aegis Hack/Mine (Formally Vertigo) Hack/Mine adds a new aspect to the world through role-play. When u start you are given twelve different class choices (4 characters times 3 classes). The four characters are the stout, but strong Dwarf; the tiny, powerful Hafling; the normal, yet still unique Steve; or the tall and lean Elf. Then from there you can choose to fight with swords and maces, a bow and arrows, or a wand and magic. Challenge yourself in the many dungeons and towers throughout the land and level up to fight stronger and tougher enemies. Level up your five skills of strength, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, and fortitude to make your character even more unique to your choices. So break spawners, raid chests, or get blown up by a roflaconda. Aegis Hack/Mine is here to deliver your Hack/Mine desires and will continue to improve as long as we exist. Features:
Here at Aegis Gaming we have assembled an outstanding team of coders and developers and many major names from the Minecraft community. Being as fortunate as we are to have such a collection of experience and intelligence, we are able to consistently update and fix bugs in Hack/Mine as well as having over 50 custom commands aiding in the protection of your gameplay and overall better experience in your adventures.
A new addition we have been working on over the course many weeks is the development of a Hack/Mine version of the incredibly famous Bukkit. We are proud to have been able to create, from scratch, our own incarnation of Bukkit especially built and compatible with Hack/Mine, NagaPick. With the addition of NagaPick we are able to create custom mods, install popular mods with ease, and run the server even smoother than ever possible before. We are always working to provide the best possible experience for our players, and we NagaPick we will be able to deliver a Hack/Mine server of the likes never seen ever before. Aegis Pve (formally Axis Mundi) Aegis Anarchy (formally Forgotten Vault)