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[1.7.8] Minecraft Island SkyBlock | Survival Games | Minigames

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Minecraft Island SkyBlock

1 year. 75,000 player owned islands. 150,000 players can't be wrong. Come join the party! What we offer? SkyBlock and Survival Games with many additional features: - Dedicated powerful server, ran 24 x 7 by professional and experienced admins - Experienced and mature moderator team. Most moderators are 18+ - All plugins are custom developed for this server - Automatic island protection; you get a 100 x 100 x 256 block only you and the friends you invite can build in. Unique feature: tens of custom protections, from animals to water, lava and more will make your experience as safe as possible. - Working economy, big shop at spawn - Unique plugin: Safe trade custom plugin, with no scamming possible - PG rated chat - Strict no grief, no stealing policy and tools in place to protect your work and valuables - Addictive Mob Arenas: battle your way through endless waves of mobs and tough bosses, and win diamond tools. If you're tough enough. - TNT Run minigames running all the time. - PvP arena events starting every 5 minutes. The players alive at the end win 100 Space Coins and 30 XP. Are you good enough? - Custom Nether Ultimate boss battle once per hour. Win XP and in game money. - Unique event: Scavenger Hunt - Unique area: Death Trap, an intense mob fighting challenge - NO admin spawned items or mobs, NO overpowered rewards - Thousands of custom player ran shops; Make your own shop - Custom warps - Staff and player ran events: Wither battles, horse races, Simon says and many more - Many custom scripts that make your experience more fun - LAG FREE server - No whitelist, you can start playing as soon as you join! Many more will be added soon.