~ Mineverse: A Mature, Honest, and Fun community! ~ [SMP] [PvE] [PvP] {Towny} {SurvivalGames} {PlotMe} {Quakecraft} Minecraft Server

~ Mineverse: A Mature, Honest, and Fun community! ~ [SMP] [PvE] [PvP] {Towny} {SurvivalGames} {PlotMe} {Quakecraft} Minecraft Server

~ Mineverse: A Mature, Honest, and Fun community! ~ [SMP] [PvE] [PvP] {Towny} {SurvivalGames} {PlotMe} {Quakecraft}

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Mineverse has 5 different worlds where all players are free to visit, explore, craft, and thrive! The first world is a Non-PvP Survival World! But Mineverse doesn't have just any old Survival world, our Survival world has Towns! Towns cost $25,000 of in-game money. Users can earn this money with the Minecraft Jobs plugin, or they can donate for the money using the Mineverse Buycraft! Once you have your town, you and any assistants are free to claim town land, invite members to your town, and set town permissions to keep out all of the nasty would-be griefers! Once you have established your town, the next step is to get a Nation! Nations cost $50,000 of in-game money, and can be earned the same way as towns. With your Nation, you can bring together other towns under one common goal! This also encourages a little friendly competition-- Do you have what it takes to be Mineverse's richest Town/Nation combo? Our next world is a PvP enabled Survival World! This world is for the Hardcore Minecrafters! Have you gotten bored of the same routine day after day? Well now you can have an established home or town, but still have the excitement of fighting to the death with other players! Towns in this world get to choose whether they want to have PvP enabled or disabled. That means that you could have a safe zone if you save up your money! The third world is a Creative World! Most servers would make you donate for a perk like this, but not Mineverse! All players are allowed a plot, and it doesn't require an Admin to get it! With one simple command, you can aquire your plot and begin building. The best part? It's IMPOSSIBLE for your plot to get griefed in any way! Have a friend that you want to build with? No problem-- All you have to do is add him to your plot! Other features such as changing your plot's biome, and giving away your plot are available too! The fourth world is the Game World! You can try out the parkour courses, spleef arena, Quakecraft, or the Survival Games! For the casual gamer, we have spleef; the main goal of the game is to break the blocks under other player's feet and make them fall. If you are the last one standing, you win! For the more daring of players that like a challenge, we have 2 parkour courses. Each is unique in it's own way, and they each have their own difficulty. Next, we have Quake. Currently, we have one arena. The premise of Quakecraft is to be the first to 25 kills using a one-shot-kill Railgun. It's very fast-paced and super fun! Last, but certainly not least, is Survival Games. We have 3 astounding maps to play on. The goal behind the survival games is to bring "The Hunger Games" to Minecraft. Everyone starts out in a circle around some center chests. You have to decide whether to bolt it and try to get something from those chests or run away and find resources elsewhere. Good luck! The fifth and final world is flatland survival! Your goal is to survive on materials that are scattered around a flat world. A lot of your resources will come from villages. All of your valuable resources will have to come from the chests in blacksmith homes. This includes saplings, iron, gold, and diamonds. Sound exciting? Visit /warp flat once you accept the rules. Hope to see you there, and happy crafting!