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The legendary PrisonTech! Owned and operated by the TechGe3ks has been around for 11 months now. PrisonTech brought Minecraft Prison Servers to the spotlight with it's unique look and professional feel. Many others have tried to copy it but never could reach the level PrisonTech is on. This server has had videos done on it by some very well known MC YouTubers as in SSundee, Deadlox, FireRockerStudios, NoahCraftFTW, TheCampingRusher and LogDOTZip! Being ran by a tremendous staff as in Turwaithion_ (Owner) Jaws aka DaRealKingKiller (COO/Community Manager/Server Manager), Shuluu (Server Manager), Tzenchiful (Dev/Admin), FluffyPenguins91 (Admin). Along side tons of great Junior Wardens and Guards that are there to help you as much as they can with any issues you may have. PrisonTech is the pinnacle of what a Prison Server should be, look like and feel like. Give us a try! You will start your journey as a "D-Prisoner" where there is no PvP inside of D-Block. The mine inside of D-Block is made out of Stone, Iron Ore, and Coal Ore, and the log mine is made out of regular wooden logs, and as you gather the materials and sell them to the shop, you'll be able to rank up to C-Prisoner after $20,000. To rank-up type /rankup, if it says "Loan is not permitted." that means you do not have enough money to rank up. Once you are inside of C-Block you have the chance of dying in PvP zones. The mines inside C contain Gold Ore, Iron Ore, Coal Ore, and Sandstone. Once you reach $75,000 you will again be able to rank-up. Once you are inside B-Block you now have Diamonds,Coal Ore, Gold Ore, Iron Ore, and a base block of Netherrack. Once you have reached $175,000 you will once again be able to rank-up. A block mine contains a Stone base, Glowstone Blocks, Diamond Ore, Gold Ore, and Iron Ore. Once you gain the required $1,000,000 to rank up, you will now be a H-Prisoner. H-Block has Soul Sand as a base block, and all the other ores except Glowstone but with Emerald Ore added. After H-Block there's S, F, and J, respectfully. We have multiple donator ranks. You can view the donation page at
$+ (Trial for 7 days) - $5
$+ (Lasts 2 months) - $15
$++(Lasts 2 Months) - $30
Super Donator(Permanent)- $50
Elite Donator(Permanent)- $100
VIP Donator(Permanent)- $200
Super to VIP Upgrade(Permanent)- $150
Elite to VIP Upgrade(Permanent)- $100 Current admins:
Turwaithion_ Server Managers-
Shuluu Developer-Admin
Tzeentchful Wardens-