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Introduction ========== Bedrock is a new, quickly growing server, a small community is building and expanding cities and towns, and you can be one of them. The server is based on a not too serious clan based system; there is the classical rank system (Member, Member +, Gold, Diamond, Moderator and Administrator) but mods such as "factions" allow members to create clans, then expand there own clan cities and groups. The server is online 24/7 and not run on a home computer. it is run on a proper server, dedicated to Miencraft which allows us to let 30 people on the server at once with little to no lag. If needed, we can raise the slot limit. ========== Whitelist ========== Yes, we use the whitelist system to get rid of those nasty greifers!!
In Game Name :
Age :
Location :
Do you accept the rules? :
Why do you want to join the server You can apply at ========= Rules =========
Yes, we all love them, here they are : No Griefing (including stealing)
No excessive Cursing
No Spamming
No Hacking or 3rd party software (Flying, Speed ect...)
Enjoy the server, be kind. Don't be a grumpy old man
No pointless structures (large ugly house's, 1x1 towers ect...)
Respect Staff and what they say. More rules can be found by typing /rules ingame. =========== Plugins =========== We use Factions. This is so the server can be set up into teams who work and thrive as a community during times of war.
Certain Ranks have world edit and world Guard
iConomy (using the Ruffians)
Sign Edit
Sign Edit
and many more, just type /plugins ingame!! ========== Donators ========== As Bedrock grows, so does our bills. Bedrock needs your donations to keep running. Its as simple as that. We greatly appreciate donations, and everything you donate goes to the running of the server in some way. You will also get some awesome donator perks too! [GOLD] *Use of MagicCarpet (/mc)
*Ability to spawn some items (/kit)
*500 Rufi
*[GOLD] Nametag
*Set unlimited warps £5 or more for two months.
£20 or more for a year. [DIAMOND] *Everything GOLD has to offer
*Ability to spawn everything
*1000 Rufi
*[DIAMOND] Nametag
*Access to WorldEdit £15 or more for two months. ============ Staff =========== We have many helpfull staff aboard to help you!
They are all ready and can rollback 1000 blocks in a millisecond and ban for you!