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Super-Earth | Minecraft Multiplayer

Super-Earth is a growing Minecraft community which runs on a in-game economy and town system where you can build your own Nation and become the king of it! It is one the largest and longest running Minecraft SMP servers ever! The server has over 50 plugins installed for a better user experience and is far from vanilla but stays with the sense that you take from Super-Earth what you give back to it. Our server hardware and connection can not be beat. Guides and Helpful Information on the proceeding post. Server IP: All players may freely log onto our server without having to whitelist first, but when doing this your will start off as an "Outcast" and restricted access on our server such as not being able to build, not being able to speak in globally broadcasted channels, and other things that you'll need to whitelist to receive. Once you post a whitelist topic on this topic a Moderator will come every 30-60 minutes and whitelist you, that is if you follow the template provided at the end of this post. In the meantime while your Application for your promotion to Member is being processed, feel free to go through our spawn maze where you'll learn all of our server's commands, rules, and perks then you can go off and explore Super-Earth for yourself, just remember that if you need some pocket change for the journey to go ahead and vote for us! We use Ventrilo for voice communication, this is a great place to get together and plan Town projects, get First-Class Staff Support, or just chill out and talk to some of our dedicated members! If you need to install Ventrilo you can download it here. Ventrilo IP: Ventrilo Port: 7645 Dual Quad Core X5675 2600k Processors 48GB DDR3 RAM Solid State Drive 1gbit dedicated uplink All this power means we can easily have 500 players on our server at one time! At over 130 Towns and 10 Nations Super-Earth has developed into one of the Largest Minecraft communities, with over active 2000 members. You will enjoy:
  • A griefer-free experience while under town protection
  • A PvP and aggressive Mob free environment in our Towns
  • A vibrant, active, and helpful community
  • First-Class lite role-play experience

Your journey will begin in the expansive town of Pandora, a town led, built, and occupied by our Administration. There you will find many helpful guides that will point you on your way to exploring this vast world on your own. Use "/recruit [message]" to ask for a mayor to invite you to a town and show you around some of our marvelous cities. You can also use the command "/town list" to see a list of all of our active towns. You may travel to any of these towns by using "/t spawn [townname]", but caution, this command costs 1z to use. Don't have any money? Vote for our server and get free zenny each day! Classes are one of the unique aspects that make Super-Earth amazing. Each Class is a very different path that will include special abilities assisting with your journey throughout the lands of Super-Earth. These abilities are called Skills. The Class System is watched over by the Supreme Council, and all users wanting to have to apply and meet the unique requirements your chosen Class and then be approved the Supreme Council themselves. On top of this, you need to meet a few universal requirements to to join any class and make yourself what we call a "Super-Citizen". To become a Super-Citizen you must be a member of our server for two weeks, have property in one of our numerous towns, have more than 100z in your personal account, over 10 posts on our Forums, and have not been banned for over a 24 hour period. Once this is achieved, you are free to chose your path in one of the following class: Battle Class The Battle Class is based on the hardcore PVP experience some players are looking for. Nation Leaders can fight their Warriors in arena battles for bragging rights. Players in the Battle Class can continually engage in PVP aspects. Entire world arena events where every class can join in will be implemented. If worked out correctly we can even throw in a Magical Class member to fight for both sides, making for lots of exciting possibilities. Economic Class Industrial Class This Industrial Class is reserved for the best builders on the server. The abilities you get will aid you in your constructive efforts in which you can build for fun or for a fee. Larger Tier Industrial members help build in larger world projects. Magic Class This Class is for the special spell caster. These commands are to be used with caution an care. The path of the Wizard is one of mystery and excitement. Political Class This is one of the more difficult classes to get engaged in. Current Nation and Town leaders will become focus once they sign up to the correct forum. We want to take a more RP approach with a lot of future updates and/or changes to the server. If we had the most active members of the community voting for changes and passing new changes in a professional way we can have a great dynamic on this server. Being a leader is going to demand a great amount of accountability and respect.

The Void is a very unique world in that it constantly regenerating, sometimes without warning. This 250x250 world has served our Super-Earthlings as a main source of resource gathering and is our most used world out of the bunch. The Nether is 2000x2000 World set in the firey depths of the Core of Super-Earth. Players can find all sorts of materials here such as Lava, Soulsand, Netherrack, and the most desired, Glowstone. Beware fore this world is filled with monsters, fire, and players who will hurt you whenever the chance is presented to them! The Nexus is our newest world a is home to most of Super-Earth's Events and Games. In this world you can not bring in or take out any items making it possible for the Administration to spawn or give items to players without the worries of damaging the fragile economy. Build-Offs, Capture-The-Flag Matches, and Adventure Quests can be set up in this world and can be played and enjoyed by all! No, this is not the Aether Mod. This world is a special generated world that resembles a "Sky Land" with floating islands of land hovering up in the sky. This will be used mainly for exploration and development, giving towns and players a challenge to build Towns and outposts high above Super-Earth. The only way up to the Aether will be by a Rocket Ship in Pandora, however going back is a different story; falling from the Aether causes you to fall all the way down back into the normal Super-Earth Map.
  • This is a survival server so you are expected to mine and build yourself with little to no assistance.
  • DO NOT use any client side hacks, mods, or texture packs to item hack, speed hack, or for Xray purposes.
  • If you don't lock your chests with our Lighweight Protection Plugin (LWC), items can be stolen, there is no rule against this, anywhere.
  • The Wilderness is brutal and you can be killed and your structures and belongings destroyed, you have been warned.
  • You may not speak in excessive profanity especially directed to other users.
  • No drug, ***, or any vulgar references.
  • No Spam or excessive caps in any public broadcasted Channel
  • Please be respectful to all players and staff at all times.
  • Extended Law Documentation on the Proceeding Post.
Super-Earth prides itself on the efficentcy and dedication of our staff all the way from Our Moderation Staff to our Developer Team and to our Adminisitration. We currently have about a 35-40 user staff that will help you solve many of your questions, problems and issues during your times on Super-Earth. For a current list of our wonderful staff, you can take a peek here! If you need help with an issue feel free to contact us on the forums, on Ventrilo, or if it's a major problem that needs quick assistance, you can also contact us in game through our help channel or through a message. To apply for whitelisting please reply to this topic, answering all of the questions below. To join our server you must submit a complete whitelist, which can not have an excessive, vulgar, sexual or drug related name, can not have a purely numerical name (Bugs Reasons), and you must read and agree to our rules. Quote:Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): Where are you from?: Your age? (if you are under 13 do your parents agree to you playing here?): Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below? Did you vote for us? Extra notes?: How did you hear of Super-Earth?:

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