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Shattered Serenity

Shattered Serenity provides a friendly, less restrictive Minecraft experience for legit players. Now running 1.2.4! Our server is lag free, with a top-notch community.
Plugins are installed to improve our players' experience without making it confusing.
We have a complete set of plugins to prevent griefing and cheating. Shattered-Serenity is a new and expanding community created by experienced staff frustrated with the status quo. We breathe, no bleed Minecraft, and we want to recruit dedicated, experienced players. You are encouraged to join a town and contribute to our evergrowing society. No Griefing!
Our players are able to protect chests, furnaces, and doors to prevent griefing and theft. Towns are protected by default. Admins employ special plugins that can read logged changes and rollback griefers' work. In addition, players are encouraged to contribute with artwork and architecture that can be guarded. iConomy!
Our server uses the latest iConomy plugin. Players can earn "Gems" by killing mobs, selling materials, and contributing to towns. Towns!
Shattered Serenity is made up of towns and nations. Mayors control their towns/cities completely. Some Towns are strictly build, others are PVP, and some are a mixture of both. You claim land and then add the residents you want to have build right in an easy to use interface. Mobs
Mobs are enabled in the world, but are disabled in towns to ease building. Venture outside towns and kill mobs to earn Gems! The friendly mobs in our world have been edited to provide a unique experience. Colored sheep provide colored wool, and pigs have been known to fly. Lag Free!
Shattered Serenity runs on a blazing fast high speed server with no downtime. A Better Experience!
While we have many plugins installed on the server to keep things fresh, we've still managed to keep a lot of the gameplay mechanics that have made Minecraft such a successful game. We have staff available 24/7 in game to help with questions and problems that may arise. We hold our staff to high ethical standards to ensure the correct decisions are made. Our Moderators are required to keep logs of players whitelisted as well as any problems or issues that have occurred in game. We pride ourselves on being fair and fun.